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Terms of Service

Our Address is:

1325 Second Street, Baywood Los Osos, 93402

Support Contact Information:

Phone: 805.800.8050
Email: support@munerismedia.com


We collect consumer information, including but not limited to: Phone Number, Email, Spending and Site Visit Habits, Full name, and address. By making a purchase and inputting your information, you agree to us collecting, storing, and using your data in the following ways.

1: The restaurant may contact you regarding food items or order conditions, for example, to tell you a food item is unavaliable, to adjust a fufillment time, etc.

2: You may be contacted by the Online Ordering Provider (Muneris Media) to ask for your feedback regarding the online ordering system

3: You will be sent, by our automatic system, an order confirmation email if your order went through. Your email may be stored by Sendgrid, a Twilio Product, but you will not be solicited offers by them, or recieve marketing emails from them unless you sign up for the appropriate service)

4: You may recieve an automatic feedback email

5: We DO NOT sell data to third party advertisers, or to anybody. Bottom line is… we don’t sell data.

6. Your data may be used in the aggregate to make informed decisions regarding overall consumer spending habits or site visit habits, but is never sold to a third party.


Fufillment policy

Orders that are recieved are prepared for the designated time slot provided. Please come to the pickup window and state your name. The associate may ask you to provide additional information for verification purposes. If your order is recieved but not ready, the restaurant will do their best in good faith to notify you when it will be ready. Enjoy!

Delivery and Shipment Policy

This restaurant does not offer delivery or shipment. All orders are made for pickup only.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

In order to get a refund, please use the support and feedback center and get in contact diretly through those channels.

We will provide a partial or full refund for a missing item, wrong item, or item that does not fall under normal standards, such as presence of hair.

To cancel an order, please reach out as soon as possible. As ALL orders are made as soon as they are recieved, we may not be able to cancel all orders, but we will do our best in good faith to make things right.

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